Winter Camping Checklist

This list includes basic clothes and equipment for camping during the months of October through April. This takes into account what you need for cold and wet weather in addition to the Boy Scout uniform worn while traveling to and from the campsite. Consider putting clothes in plastic bags (such as large zip lock bags) to keep them dry inside your pack or duffel bag.


Personal Gear

Bag (large gym bag, duffel bag, or pack)to put all your stuff into

Sleeping clothes (for example, sweat pants, sweatshirt, stocking cap, maybe slippers)

Mess kit, (plate, bowl, cup, silverware)

Stocking cap or hat

Jacket or Coat

Underwear (1 pair for each day)

One change of outer clothes

Storm Pants (windproof)

Gloves or Mittens

Small Backpack (if hiking)

Sleeping bag (you might want to bring a sheet or fleece liner)

Foam sleeping pad

OLD blanket (wool or fleece is best)

Socks (1 pair for each day + 1 extra)

Sweater or sweatshirt (long sleeves; fleece or wool is better than cotton)

Rain coat or poncho

Shoes (hiking boots, extra pair of tennis shoes may be good)

Scout Uniform (full uniform required to be worn to and from campsite)

If temperatures will be below 40 degrees, consider bringing

Polypropylene long underwear

Fleece shirt and pants

Insulated vest

Mittens with liners

Insulated snow boots

Wool socks

Wool sweater

Winter parka with hood

Extra gloves

Balaclava (head and neck hood) or scarf

Personal Hygiene

Toothbrush and tooth paste (keep in a zip lock bag)

Soap and soap dish





Dental floss

Sun screen/Sun block

Chapstick/lip balm

Survival Gear

First Aid Kit (personal version)

Boy Scout book



Water bottle or canteen

Polypropylene tarp (8’ x 10’)

Nylon braided line (50 ft)

Pocketknife (bring Tote-N-Chip Card!)

Flashlight (extra batteries)

Plastic Garbage Bags (3)

Small mirror (preferably metal)

Foil emergency blanket

Additional Items (optional)





Other (Add your own!)


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