Summer Camping Checklist

As with winter, Summer time camping trips present its on unique challenges. Among those, two of the most important in our area to consider are water and heat. On a summer day hike the bare minimum amount of water a scout must carry is 2 liters on a cool day to 4 liters on a hot day. Four liters of water weighs almost 81/2 lbs so you must consider s way to comfortably carry that amount of water. Even in the summer time a scout should always carry a light jacket for these cool evenings. The following is a list I have put together to help our parents prepare their scout for one of our summer outings. 


 Class A scout uniform

 Light Jacket or Windbreaker

 Cap or Boonie Hat to protect face and ears from the sun

 Pair of Water Proof Hiking Boots* (broke in before the outing)

 4 Pair Heavy Boot Socks

 4 Pair Light Sock liners

 3 Class B Tee Shirts

 1 Pair Long Pants

 2 Pair Shorts

 1 Pair Gaiters (helpfully for hiking but not necessary)

 Sleeping Clothes

 Rain Gear or Poncho


 Sleeping Bag** (rated to at least 40 degrees)

 Sleeping pad (compressed foam egg create or air mattress)

 Internal or External mainframe backpack

 Hydration day pack or day pack that can hold up to a gallon of

 water and first aid kit.***

 Flash light and or head lamp.

 Scout hand book, pen, note pad

 First Aid Kit


 Insect repellent

 Sun Screen SPF 50 or better

 Chap Stick or lip balm

 Wrist Watch

 mess kit


 Toiletries IE toothbrush, deodorant, comb, bar soap, wet wipes,

 hand towel.


 Pocket knife or multi tool (must have tote n chip)

 fire starter/water proof matches (must have fire n chip)


 Duct tape and 50′ nylon cord (parachute cord is great)

 sun glasses




 Camp chair


This list is intended as a guide to help parents with what their scout needs for a Summer weather camping trip. This is not a all inclusive list as many variables can affect a outing and is only intended as a guide. The quantities listed are intended for a three day weekend trip. Longer trips will require additional clothing and or gear. 

* good pair of hiking boots is one of the most important pieces of clothing a scout can own. The boots should be ankle high and lace up in style, and should be well broke in before starting off on an outing. Check with Academy Sports they run good deals from time to time on decent hiking boots.

 **Sleeping bags should be rated for at least 40 degrees or cooler. Inthe summer I would recommend a 40 degree to 30 degree bag unless camping in high mountain areas where the nights can drop to near freezing.

***Hydration Packs, the most important thing to remember on any outing is to stay well hydrated. On a average day the human body requires 2 liters of water. That need increases greatly with more strenuous activities like hiking, rock climbing, or back packing. Most State parks require that each person out hiking carry at least 1 gallon or 4 liters of water per day. One of the best ways to achieve this is a Hydration Pack. I understand that these can be a large expense so if you go this route consider one with a 100 oz bladder capacity, and that has room to still carry a extra liter of water, first aid kit, scout book, note pad, and small lunch. If you chose a smaller bladder size you will need extra room for water in bottles. Another route that can be taken is a good day pack. It needs to be large enough to hold the gear mentioned above plus 4 liters of water in some kind of water storage device. (I recommend either Platypus brand collapsible water bottles or Nalgene hard plastic bottles or even two two quart plastic style military canteens) I know as a parent myself that when shopping for the above items it can seem like a over whelming expense. Some tips and ideas I would like to share are, Check eBay for some of the items listed above but make sure they are of good quality and in good working order. Watch for sales at or Academy and Gander Mountain Check for sales at Cabelas or Bass Pro Shop. Another great place to look and one of my favorites is REI online or at the Alb. Store. Always check with the troop quartermaster to see if the troop has one you can use, or if the troop could purchase it at a discount through a store that helps support scouting.

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